Customized Nutrition: A New Design Concept

I created GourmeTips, a mobile application that let's the user read and post nutritional tips, as well as customize their recipe experience by adjusting ingredients to their health needs and preferences. I researched, ideated, designed, tested and presented my app design in the space of a 3-week sprint.


For this project, I worked as a UX Designer and UX Researcher as well as UI Designer.



3 week sprint

Sketch, InVision, Trello, Keynote


I created a topic map where I brainstormed categories in the topic of food and nutrition, and narrowed down my search to categories where there was a gap and a need in the market.


I discovered that there seemed to be a need in the intersection of nutrition and recipe sharing.


I interviewed 5 users on the topics of nutrition and recipe sharing. I then created an affinity map categorizing the user's pain points, frustrations, and needs.

All the time I share nutrition tips, I am a nutrition tips person.

I always Google things I find out about nutrition, and sort through a lot of blogs and websites.

I have to cook what my family likes, based on what they like and what they can or can't eat.


From the interviews, we were able to create a primary persona, or target audience.


Project Manager

Age: 35


Brooklyn, NY

When not working or catching up on chores, Amy likes to run with her dog. She loves all things fitness, nutrition, and cooking and, when she has the time, loves trying new recipes.


  • To eat healthily

  • Share love of cooking and nutrition


  • Avoid unhealthy ingredients

  • Stay current in nutrition trends


From my initial user research, I was able to come up with features for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), so that the product can meet user needs directly.

The user wanted to stay updated on nutrition trends.

A community-driven feed of nutritional tips.

A way to share nutrition tips and recipes that I've found.

A fully customizable tip and recipe posting feature.

A way to avoid unhealthy ingredients.

Customizable recipe ingredients, by substituting ingredients.


Based on these findings, I went through the Design Studio process, sketching out these features to get a sense of how to design them digitally.


After getting a sense of some design patterns I can use, I created digital wireframes in Sketch.

With these wireframes, I was able to jump right into usability testing, and have 5 users test the app's most essential features for any usability issues.

Through my usability testing, I made the following changes:

  • Present the choice of either posting a tip with photo, or tip plus photo plus recipe later on in the process.

  • Users wanted a button that says "recipe" if the tip includes one.

  • Users wanted more pop ups that signified that a task had been completed.


Finally, I took the mid-fi's to high fidelity sketches, adding color, fonts, and example images.

Sophia Furman - UX Designer and Strategist

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