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I'm Sophia,
nice to meet you.

I am a skilled UX Designer, who is proficient in ideation, user flows, and offering mini-UX workshops for stakeholders with the goal to turn their ideas into testable designs.

I enjoy collaboration and team work, along with promoting empathy, inventiveness, and happiness in the user. With my next client, I would love to become more involved with creating the User Interface design part of their project.

Sophia Furman Illustration Self Portrait

How I got started in user research

My UX Designer journey began out of a passion for all things creative and innovative. As an illustrator I learned to depict scenes in the happiest and most visually appealing way possible, but yearned to combine my artistic talents with my love of and fascination for technology and the digital realm.


Now, though I still find time to sketch pictures, I also use programs like Sketch to design apps and websites, promoting empathy, inventiveness, and happiness in the user.

What I've been working on 

Most of my work is either with non-profits or start-ups launching their first product, or refining their beta launch.

My industry experience ranges from the travel field, to schools, and education sectors.

What else I'm curious about

When not designing digital experiences, I can be found with either a paintbrush or my Apple pencil in hand.


I also love to walk, cook up a storm, and am always busy keeping our family golden retriever Daisy from digging up any more flowers, especially daisies.

Contact me

I would love to also connect on LinkedIn!

Thanks! Message sent.

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