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Hi, I'm Sophia Furman.  

I am a User Experience Designer with a deep passion for empathy- and innovation-driven design that focuses on both user and business needs.

The work of which I am most proud.



I designed a new way for mentees to sign up to talk to a mentor during the onboarding process based on drop-off rates.

My Role

I was the UX Designer on a team of two other designers and one product manager.

Main Goal

Significantly reduce mentees' drop-off rate.


I designed an app starting from initial ideation that meets a picky cook's need to discover, share and save cooking tips in one place, and apply and customize these tips inside the recipe.

My Role

I was the Lead UX Designer & Ideator.

Main Goal

Solve a need in the food and cooking market that translates into intuitive design.


I've also done user experience design and consultation for companies including:

Chicago Public Schools

Startup in the Travel Industry

Nice to meet you.

My name is Sophia Furman and I am a User Experience Designer and Illustrator who loves connecting with companies interested in improving their user experience, in a creative and results-driven way.

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